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extend your knowledge, improve your skills

We are Advanced Life Diagnostics Germany and we design tools for life science research and for training of medical professionals.

We are one of the most prominent suppliers of research systems for neonatal resuscitation. Using our measurement system newLifebox® and analysis tools like Pulmochart, we provide means to generate objective data that help researchers world-wide to better understand the first minutes of life of premature newborns.

Research has shown that mask ventilation of prematures often is more difficult than care providers think. It was shown that regular training of mask ventilation is vital to keep those skills at a good level. ALD Germany provides mask ventilation training systems that give deep insight in air flow and pressure behavior during ventilation. Please contact us for detailed information.


The ALD NewLifeBox technology, that can also be used with pediatric and adult patients, is used by different projects that develop emergency ventilators for the Covid-19 crisis. We have developed a monitor app that is able to show and record various ventilation parameters. Please contact us, if you are interested to use our tools for your research or product development.

featured products

Train yourself in neonatal mask ventilation
The newLifebox-T is a professional training system which gives you insight in delivered tidal volume, mask pressure and mask leak.

Research in neonatal care
The newLifebox - R is a device for measuring flow and mask pressure in high-care environments. The device is individually calibrated, and can precisely measure small tidal volumes and air pressures. newLifebox - R can be used in a broad range of applications.

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