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research in neonatal care

The newLifebox - R is a device for measuring flow and mask pressure with a high precision. The device is individually calibrated, and complies to EN 60601-1-2 regarding electrical safety. newLifebox - R can be used in a broad range of applications.

newLifebox - R connects to exchangeable medical flow transducers that are available in many countries world-wide. The flow transducer probe is placed between the resuscitator T-piece and the mask. At this location, flow and pressure applied to the patient can be precisely measured. The probe adds approximately 2.8 cm to the height of the T-piece-mask unit. It adds a dead-space of only 0.7 mL.
newLifebox - R is able to measure air flows from 24 mL/min up to 30 L/min. Via the same tubing system, the applied pressure is also measured.

Using our special software it is possible to measure small tidal volumes with a deviation of less than 1.5% of expected volume per breath (measured with a calibrated syringe for 10 and 20 mL using a new, unused flow transducer). Pressure measurements we have shown to have a deviation of generally less than 1% of the expected pressure.

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Detailed specifications of newLifebox-R can be downloaded as PDF here:
Specifications of NewLifeBox-R.pdf

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